Monday, November 28, 2016

easy DRO for hobby lathe

a quick and easy way to add a digital read out to your hobby lathe.

Hobby Poznań 2015

Przejazd po makiecie

Healthy Hobbies: Skills For Life

Witness several High School students speak frankly about their disabilities. The audience will gain insight into what each student's hobby is and how it translates into skills for their future regarding employment, community involvement, and self-confidence.

The project, Innovative Partnerships for Advancing Youth Employment, was the concept of PACER. All of the teens involved in the internship project have disabilities, and they learned new job skills while creating several videos to teach others how to navigate their own transition into adulthood after high school. This innovative PACER project was funded by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

The project, which provided a paid internship opportunity for students with disabilities, was a creative collaboration of postsecondary programs, workforce development, PACER Center staff, and students from two high schools. The intended video audience is for students, family, professionals, and teachers.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Shuriken 250 Quadcopter Review. So Easy

Review of the shuriken 250 racing drone quadcopter from Holybro. Pretty fun BNF drone. The best thing about it was how easy it was to set up and get airborne. Took about 10 minutes and it was ready. Not the fastest or lightest racer but probably aimed at people who just want a reliable drone that is going to work with no hassles and be durable. The biggest change would be, 1. flash it with betaflight (you can do this yourself easily but it would be nice if it just came like that). 2 use a ccd fpv camera instead of a cmos and 3. Include the go pro mount as standard.

Overall a pretty solid quad that I think a lot of people will enjoy. Massive thanks to holybro for sponsoring this review and sending me out the Shuriken. Had a lot of fun with them and even took them away with me on a mini holiday to see how they went at the beach : )

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

QX90 Micro FPV Racing Quadcopter

This is a short demonstration video of the new QX90 Micro FPV Racing Quadcopter